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15th October 2012


So I was encouraged that the actual future of the American safety net seemed to become an issue in the Vice Presidential Debate, even if Mitt and Barack didn’t particularly seem to give a shit. The problem is, given the current deficit mania, I knew nothing was going to be presented as I’d like. Here’s a sample:

Ryan’s plan has never attracted Democratic support, but it is not designed for bipartisanship. Ryan deliberately built it to circumvent a Senate filibuster, stocking the plan with budget legislation that is allowed, under Senate “budget reconciliation” procedures, to pass with a simple majority. Republicans have been planning the mechanics of the vote for many months, and Republican insiders expect Romney to use reconciliation to pass the bill. Republicans would still need to control 50 votes in the Senate (Ryan, as vice-president, would cast the tiebreaking vote), but if Romney wins the presidency, he’ll likely precipitate a partywide tail wind that would extend to the GOP’s Senate slate.

Look, this is discouraging enough as is, but what it doesn’t take into account is that if Romney wins, he doesn’t need a Senate majority. A Democratic Senate is about as solid as whatever the opposite of a brick wall is. Please folks, don’t vote for Mitt Romney.

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2nd October 2012


Debate Time!

So I’m heading out on my very first business trip tomorrow, even though my giant soulless corporation has yet to actually process my promotion. Which means I’ll be watching the debate from a comically cheap hotel. Seriously, the Expedia reviews included the phrases “blood stain” and “too many dogs.”

I haven’t decided if I’ll follow my general inclination to sit in my room alone, or stake out the hotel bar with my fellow job creators. (If you’re at a hotel in Wilmington, DE on a Wednesday night, odds are it’s work-related.) Any suggestions?

For anyone who’s interested, Democracy Now is going to be streaming a modified debate in which they allow Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson to also answer the questions. I might tune in later to see what Dr. Stein has to say, but I feel like keeping up with folks livetweeting will be more enjoyable than watching that. Also, Anderson doesn’t have enough ballet access to hit 270 electoral votes. It seems like a waste to feature him and not the far-more-relevant-but-still-doomed Gary Johnson.

22nd September 2012


mmmmm… capitalism

Alright, time for disclosure. My new job makes me responsible for the distribution of Pinnacle foods between the New York metro area and Washington, DC. I’ll list the brands I cover and the areas on which I can no longer credibly comment:

-Celeste: frozen pizzas, flatbread sandwiches, breadsticks

-Vlasic: cheap pickles, reasonably not-cheap pickles (Farmer’s Garden, yo!)

-Aunt Jemima: just frozen breakfast items, not syrup

-Log Cabin and Mrs. Buttersworth: JK, I’m totally non-credible on syrup-related issues

-Birds Eye: frozen vegetables and prepared dinners prominently featuring frozen vegetables

-Hungry Man: frozen meals targeted at beta males (The last powerpoint was nothing but pics of Jim from the Office. I didn’t make it.)

-Mrs. Paul’s: frozen fish items. There are actually damning pictures of me dressed as the Gorton’s fisherman. All of which I will gladly post to this tumblr.

-Armour: This is getting tiresome. It’s canned meat, and it will never come up because who fucking eats canned meat?

-Comstock: Pie filling. Fucking pie filling.

-Duncan Hines: This is actually a big one, and I’m not sure how I forgot it. Embarrassing. If you’re baking something, I’m probably responsible for at least one of your items. I hope whatever you’re baking looks like a Dalek or a TARDIS or something.

-Lenders: Not sure about this one. Frozen pretzels? Probably.

-Open Pit: A fairly unpopular BBQ sauce. But I’d appreciate it if you’d use it.

So, these are the ground rules: disregard my commentary on pizza, baking, breakfast, BBQ, pretzels (probably), canned meat, syrup, vegetables, and non-threatening sensitive males.

All things equal, though, I probably would eat a Kashi pizza over a Celeste pizza. I just got fired, didn’t I?

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22nd September 2012


Haven’t had much to do with my alma mater for a few years, but this livetweet of the homecoming game reminds my why I loved the Press while I was there. Especially beautiful how the school’s athletic department plays directly into what they’re going for.

Haven’t had much to do with my alma mater for a few years, but this livetweet of the homecoming game reminds my why I loved the Press while I was there. Especially beautiful how the school’s athletic department plays directly into what they’re going for.

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22nd September 2012

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Shut up, this is funny.

Shut up, this is funny.

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22nd September 2012


The Reign of Terror

Watching some really old Doctor Who and drinking whiskey that’s nearly as old. (1971 Canadian Club ftw!)

It’s kind of striking that in the ’60s the British still clearly presented the royalists as the good guys. Not that Robespierre is a naturally endearing figure, I just thought there might be a bit more ambiguity.

Anyway, the Doctor just knocked a dude out with a shovel. Not something I could see Matt Smith doing. I’ve still got a few more episodes in this story. Verdict forthcoming, but so far I’d say The Aztecs is still the high point of the 63-64 season.

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22nd September 2012

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okay my fellow white tumblrs we get it already


You’re not one of ~*~those~*~ trashy white people who likes Jello. Good for you! Gold stars all around.

Who the hell doesn’t like Jello?

18th September 2012

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ro-s-aspa-rks replied to your post: I realize that this isn’t a novel argument

I hope it mobilizes the apathetic. There are A LOT of them out there. And rightfully so. They are beat down, broke, and fucking tired.

To what extent do you think the apathetic really hear about…

As a person who was already unlikely to vote for Obama, seeing as Romney has no plausible path to victory in New York, and my vote would be better spent pointing out that there is a constituency to the left of the Democratic party, I have actually moved closer to the Obama camp over the past day or two.

Basically, Romney’s comments about Palestinians make me want to double-plus ensure that he loses NY. Given my concerns about indefinite detention and ignoring the War Powers Resolution, I’d say I’ve moved from 10% to 20% likely to vote Obama. Base mobilisation, I guess?

18th September 2012

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Don’t Call It A Comeback (Unless You Want To)

My decision to start tumblring again has just the tiniest bit to do with the fact that people at work have noticed I’m not incompetent and given me a somewhat embarrassingly significant promotion. So my itinerary for the next few weeks includes:

-acquire a bedroom

-carve out a wee bit more space between what I owe and what my credit cards will allow me to owe

-eat food that isn’t (kindasorta stolen) pasta!

So yeah, I’m back. Expect commentary on Doctor Who and things I’m reading. (Lately I’ve picked up Diedrich Knickerbocker’s History of New York by Washington Irving. Damn good.)

18th September 2012


UPA Finally Kicks Out Some Reforms →

I couldn’t think of any Twitter or Facebook friends who might care about this, so tumblr it is!

Anyway, the fact that this isn’t getting much attention is ridiculous. The UPA government nearly went down over the foreign direct investment reforms alone last year. The fact that they’re moving that as just one component of a larger economic reform package is a Biden-esque BFD.

Even if it is just an attempt to distract the public from the coal scandal, this is the kind of distraction the Indian economy could use on the regular. Glad to see Manmohan getting his groove back. It’s been a while.